About Us

‘Ho Liao’ means ‘good stuff’ in local colloquial terms. That’s what we at Mr Farmer want to bring to you – only the good stuff.

When we think back to our childhoods (at least those of us who are “older”), we always knew that the ‘wet markets’ were the best places to get the freshest ingredients. We want to retain the freshness of the ingredients you find at the ‘wet markets’ and you can now have that from the comfort of your homes.

At Mr Farmer, our aim is to bring the best ingredients to your homes! While there is still a lack of certification and emphasis on superior animal welfare for farmed animals in Singapore, we want to bring you products only from farms that adhere to our thorough welfare and production standards. That’s why we only provide ingredients that are ethically sourced and ethically farmed.

We are strong advocates of ‘One Welfare’, the concept which recognizes that animal welfare, biodiversity and the environment are connected to human wellbeing.

Read more about ‘One Welfare’ here.


Ethically Sourced

We search the world of produce of the best farming practices.


Ethically Farmed

We believe in One Welfare - animal welfare often improves human welfare.