Chef Brandon Foo, a self-taught chef, took no short cuts to be in the position he is in today.Currently the Chef and Owner of Le Bistrot Du Sommelier, a pioneering  and enduring French Bistrot located in the Central Business District of Singapore, he has proven over and over again the grit and heart he has for his chosen career. With 10 years of professional experience under his belt working with many internationally renown chefs, all at the top of their careers, he is currently helming his own business and doing it his way. His belief in Classic French Cuisine and Techniques with a twist as well as knowledge and passion to showcase high quality, seasonal ingredients make him a force to be reckoned with. He has proven longevity in a sometimes fickle industry by working hard and constantly challenging himself in and out of the kitchen. In 2014, his dedication won him the title of World Gourmet Summit’s Meat & Livestock Australia Rising Chef of the Year.

His passion was realised at a young age when he decided to start his career by working in restaurant kitchens immediately after completing his mandatory Singapore National Service. Then, Chef Brandon met Chef Patrick Heuberger, whom he considers his mentor, and trained intensively with him. Chef Brandon did not decide to sit on his laurels but continued to also gain in-depth experience at kitchens in France, Australia and Switzerland.

Besides the day-to-day operations of his 100-seater Bistrot, managing his culinary staff and running events, Chef Brandon always makes time for developing his skills by travelling yearly to France and Switzerland to train with some Master Chefs, with too many Michelin Stars and accolades to count. He encourages his crew and budding chefs to do the same. Today, he is able to take on all the roles in a classic French kitchen – be it entrées, sauces or pastry.

A true–blue son of Singapore, this young rising chef has great plans for the future and continues to work hard in expanding his business and ensuring that the Bistrot stands the tests of time.

January 21st 2017, Chef Brandon Foo was awarded 3rd Best Caterer in the World at the 5th International Catering Cup 2017, in SIRHA-Eurexpo – Lyon, France.