Triad Fisheries is an internationally trusted supplier of Bruce Gore Frozen-at-Sea, troll caught Alaskan salmon which is caught through the hook-and-line method from Southeast Alaska since 1978. Their sustainable methods of fishing have resulted in Triad Fisheries becoming the first Alaska seafood supplier to earn the Food and Agriculture Organization-based Responsible Fisheries Management Certification, one of the hardest certifications to obtain.


GG French Poulet is a breed of chicken from Sabres, France.

Salmon is one of the world’s best source of Omega oil and Triad Fisheries’ pristine handling and harvesting methods allows them to seal in the highest levels of Omega oils 3, 6 and 9. Triad Fisheries’ salmon are actively feeding and caught at their absolute zenith, whilst smaller and spawning salmon are returned to the wild, ensuring that the salmon sold have the maximum protein, oil content and muscle texture.

Coho Salmon is a seasonal product and fresh in season from July to August. The Coho Salmon are caught using the slow hook-and-line method and are stunned in the water to prevent the development of lactic acid and stress induced bruising. Triad Fisheries’ boats are family owned and operated, and each boat is a catcher/processor and meets all criteria as a food processing plant. It processes the fish manually onboard immediately after catch.

The salmon is bled and placed in -40F freezers within 90 minutes. Thereafter, each fish is individually hand dipped in fresh seawater to create a protective glaze and tagged. The glazing of the Bruce Gore salmon protects its flesh from dehydration and natural fish fats from oxidation. These glazed salmon can be stored in the freezer for extended periods of time free of ill effect (even up to 1 year). They are thoroughly cleaned, frozen, and glazed, and packaged into plastic sleeves with zero potential for cross contamination.

This ensures that each fish is traceable to the source, and ensures the safety of the food, to prove legality and to verify sustainability. Finally, the decks are sanitized after each 20 fish are caught and processed, keeping bacteria counts low.

Look no further than Bruce Gore Wild Line Caught Salmon if you are looking for the best quality protein and Omega oil packed salmon for your next meal!