Toh Thye San Farm

Our poultry comes from our parent company, Toh Thye San Farm.

Incorporated in 1979, Toh Thye San Farm is a fourth generation farming business, mainly focusing on poultry. TTSF boasts antibiotics and hormone free chickens, and their prized product, the GG French Poulet, has recently been Certified Humane by Humane Farm Animal Corporation (HFAC) in 2018. They continue to do what they traditionally do best, which is to develop and provide quality and honest produce, such as the GG French Poulet. The GG French Poulet is hormone-free, antibiotic-free, cage-free, and is lower in sodium and fats.

The GG Poulet is used by many critically-acclaimed chefs and restaurants all around Singapore, including Burnt Ends, Waku Ghin, The Coconut Club, Kazu Sumiyaki, Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew and Cornerhouse.

The poultry range from Toh Thye San Farm is available to you on our website for delivery, and at our butchershop for purchase.